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7 - 10 September 2007


Abstract submission



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Tip 1


In a couple of weeks there will be held a flight line between Kish and Dubai, served by Iran Air. When effective, this service will also have the possibility of online booking. We recommend you to book your flights after this service is effective.

Please stay tuned.


Tip 2


Please note that the conference will be starting on September 7. We recommend you to arrange your flights so that you can reach Kish in the evening of September 6. This way you can take enough rest before the conference.


Tip 3


We have arranged with Iran Air (international flights office) for a 50% discount offer. This service is available only for those international participants who have already got a visa to enter the mainland Iran through Tehran. Interested participants should inform us about their full air-travel itinerary as well as visa details.

Conference Venue



The International Iran Conference on Quantum Information (IICQI) will be located on beautiful Kish Island  7-10 September 2007. As Kish Island is a free zone, no visa is required to visit or attend this conference, but a visa is required if you plan to visit the Iranian Mainland. If you plan to visit one of the participating institutions in Iran, please contact the organizers or indicate your desire to visit the Mainland in the registration documents. The organizers will assist you with applying for a visa to visit Iran. Please download this visa information form, complete it, and send it back to us through email so that we can provide you with a formal invitation letter that can be used for your visa application.

To attend the conference, the best way is to fly to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and take short flights to Kish. There is no advance booking for flights from Dubai to Kish. Currently, there are 10 daily flights between Kish and Dubai. To assist international participants, the conference organizers will arrange a reception desk at the Dubai International Airport. International participants are encouraged to visit this desk so that the organizers can arrange for their travel to Kish.

Alternatively, if you also want to visit the Iranian Mainland, you can fly to Tehran's Mehrabad International Airport and fly from there to most Iranian destinations. To transfer to Kish-bound flights, you will need to commute to Tehran's new Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKIA). Please note that if you choose to reach Kish from Tehran, you will need a valid visa, obtained from one of Iranian Consulates in your homeland or other countries around the world.

NB. Please note that Iran has a dress code which all travelers and residents are expected to follow upon their arrival and/or during their stay in the country. The rules are quite simple: gentlemen are assumed not to wear short trousers and earrings in public, as well, ladies are required to wear scarf when in public. We highly appreciate your understanding and observing the rules.



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