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International Iran Conference on Quantum Information - 2010

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Travel Info

The International Iran Conference on Quantum Information (IICQI10) will be held on beautiful Kish Island, in September 2010. As Kish Island is a free zone, no visa is required to visit or attend. However, a visa is required if you plan to visit Iran's Mainland.

If you are planning to visit one of the universities and/or research institutes in Iran, please indicate this in your registration form so that the organizers can provide you the information and assist you with applying for a visa after deciding on your application by the committee. We will provide you with an invitation letter that is required for the visa application process. (For a list of Iranian universities and institutes please click  here.)

No visa is required if you are not planning to visit the mainland before or after the conference. It would be more convenient to fly to Kish via Dubai (UAE). There is no advance booking for flights from Dubai to Kish, but there are daily flights available between Kish and Dubai. There, after arrival at Terminal A, you can catch your flight to Kish at Terminal B.

Alternatively, you can fly to Tehran's new Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKA) and fly from there to Kish Island or any other destination in the mainland that you wish. Please note that if you choose to fly to Kish from Tehran, you will need a valid visa, obtained from one of Iranian Consulates in your homeland or other countries around the world.

Some of Iranian embassies around the world:

Addresses of the Iranian embassies

General information about the Iranian embassies, high commissions, and consulate generals around the world


Tour in Mainland Iran:

1- Date: 15-18 September 2010 

2- Tour is to Esfahan and Shiraz

3- It costs 700 USD, 515 Euro or 7,000,000 Rls

4- Payment should be done in advance to the same bank accounts presented on registration page. 

5- If you wish to visit the mainland just by the tour, you are requested to compete the "Guest personal data" section of visa application form and send it to iicqi-10@sharif.edu with a scanned copy of your passport. The visa will be issued upon your arrival to the Kish Island.




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