IICQI-12 will be held in Tehran, the capital and largest city of Iran. Entering Iran for international participants requires a valid visa issued by Iranian embassies or consulates around the world. Please check with your nearest Iranian embassy/consulate to make sure whether you will need a visa and how to apply for it.

To international participants: The organizing committee will make its best to assist you in your entry visa application, and will supply an official invitation letter (which is a required visa application document). We will send the visa forms to our invited speakers as soon as we receive their confirmation of accepting the invitation. The completed form and a scanned copy of your passport should be sent to us so that we can send your formal invitation letter to an Iranian consulate of your preference. You will be advised next when to contact the consulate to pick up your visa. It usually takes around 5 days to issue the visa by the \Iranian consulates.


A limited number of rooms in the dormitories of Sharif university of technology are available for accommodation of participants. The rooms are to be shared with 2 or 3  other participants and are free of charge. This service is provided by Sharif University of Technology and the conference does not take any responsibility in this regard. Therefore the participants are kindly requested to exempt the conference staff from any questions on these services. In case you are interested to use this service, please send the following information to iicqi-12@physics.sharif.edu by 29th Aug with the title "Accommodation":

1) First Name, Family name, 
2) Gender
3) Your university 
4) National Code Number (For internationals passport number)


Tour: We have planned a tour to visit Isfahan, Shiraz, and Yazd, which takes 7 days (6 nights). For more information click here. Please note that the quoted prices are applicable when there are at least ten interested participants; the prices will be relatively higher otherwise. To express your interest or if you have any question, please contact us.

Iran tourism
Some of the Iranian embassies and consulates around the world