S. A. Jafari

Department of Physics

Tel: +98 21 6616 4524

Email: jafari@physics.sharif.edu

Seyed Akbar Jafari

Associate Professor

Welcome to my homepage. I am a condensed matter theorist at Sharif University of Technology (SUT). My research is focused on electronic structure of advanced materials in general, and theory of correlated and/or disordered electron systems in particular. My PhD mentor was Professor G. Baskaran of the institue of IMSc and PI. I have worked with Professor S. Maekawa of the institute for materials research, Tohoku University for a post doctorial term (2004-2006). Afterwards I returned to Iran to contribute to education and research of my home country. As of 2010 I moved to SUT physics department. I was formerly assistant professor of physics at Isfahan Tech. (IUT). I am also a junior associate member of the Abdus Salam international center for theoretical physics (2004-2017). My complete CV can be accessed here .


BSc :                      Sharif Univ. of Tech., Tehran, Iran, 1995-1999

Diploma :                Abdus Salam ICTP, Trieste, Italy, 2001-2002

PhD :                     Sharif Univ. of Tech., Tehran, Iran, 2000-2004

Post Doc :                Tohoku Univ., Sendai, Japan, 2004 - 2006

Assistant Professor :   Isfahan Univ. of Tech., Dec. 2006 - Aug. 2010

Assistant Professor :   Sharif Univ. of Tech., Sept. 2010 - Nov. 2013

Associate Professor :   Sharif Univ. of Tech., Dec. 2013 - present

Awards, Honors, Appointments:

Tokyo University of Science President Award, Oct. 2014.

Alexander von Humboldt fellowship for exprienced researchers, 2014.

Best international relations award, research deputy of Sharif Univ. of Tech., 2014.

Japan Society for Promotion of Science Invitation Program Fellowship for Research in Japan (Short term), 2013.

Visiting scholar, YITP, Kyoto University, June-August 2012.

IRR 200,000,000 Settling down Grant at Sharif University of Techology, NEF, 2012.

Visiting Professor, ICC-IMR, Tohoku University, August 2011.

USD 20,000 Grant for early career assistant professors, NEF, 2008.

Young investigator award, Physical Society of Iran, 2008.

JSPS post doctorial fellowship, Inst. for Materials Res., Tohoku University, 2004-2006.

Junior Associate Member, Abdus Salam ICTP, 2004-2017 (two appointments, one extension).

Appointed by the Minister of Science as member of the Referees Committee, Youth Khawrizmi Festival, 2004.

First Rank, Youth Khawrizmi award for outstanding PhD research in basic sciences, Ministry of Science, Research and Technology of Iran, 2003.

Two fellowships from the Third World Academy of Sciences, 2002-2004.

Sharif Univ. of Tech. fellowship for exceptional talents, Sept. 2003-Aug. 2004.

Diploma thesis passed with honors, Abdus Salam ICTP, 2002.

3rd rank, National collegiate olympiad of physics, Feb. 1998.

28th rank, Nationwide entrance exam for state universities, 1995.

My Books (Translation into Persian):


Research Highlights:

SPINONICS: highlighted in American Institute of Physics News (2002)

Magnetic frustration on honeycomb lattice: highlighted by IOP labtalk (2011)

Evidence for C4H based on graphene: Journal cover, Advanced Materials (2011)

Mott-Heisenberg-Dirac physics in graphene: highlighted by IOP labtalk (2012)

Universal aspects of nonlinear optical response in gapped graphene: highlighte by IOP labtalk (2012)

Spin orbit interaction versus Kekule structure: highlight by IOP labtalk (2014)