Department of Physics

Sharif University of Technology


Assistant Professor of

Theoretical High Energy Physics

Research Interests

I. M. Rasulian, M. Torabian, L. Velasco-Sevilla, "Swampland de Sitter Conjectures and No-Scale Supergravity Models",

[arXiv:2105.14501], Phys.Rev.D. 104 (2021) 044028

M. Torabian, "Electroweak Vacuum Stability and the Higgs Field Relaxation via Gravitational Effects",

[arXiv:2011.06537] Class.Quant.Grav. 37 (2020) 6

A. Moradpouri, M. Torabian, S. A. Jafari, "Electron currents from temporal gradients in Tilted Dirac Cone Materials",

[arXiv: 2007.03276], submittted to PRB

M. Torabian, ‘‘5-Dimensional Chern-Simons Gauge Theory on an Interval: Massive Spin-2 Theory from Symmetry Breaking via Boundary Conditions’’


M. Torabian, ‘‘Breathing Comoving Hubble: Initial Condition and Eternity in view of the trans-Planckian Censorship Conjecture’’

[arXiv:1911.12304] Phys.Lett. B805 (2020) 135456

M. Torabian, ‘‘Non‐Standard Cosmological Models and The Trans‐Planckian Censorship Conjecture’’

[arXiv:1910.06867] Fortsch.Phys. 68 (2020) 1900092

A. Mehin-Rasulian, M. Torabian, ‘‘Torsion Contribution to the Gravitational Anomaly and Leptogensis’’

[in publication]

G. Gaffari, M. Torabian, ``Split supersymmetry breaking from Stückelberg mixing of multiple U (1)'s",

[arXiv:1810.06260]  Phys.Lett. B796 (2019) 32-37

M. Torabian, ‘’dRGT theory of massive gravity from spontaneous symmetry breaking’’

[arXiv:1707.04403]  Phys.Lett. B780 (2018) 81-85

A. Sadeghi, M. Torabian, ‘’Emergent Weak Scale from Cosmological Evolution and Dimensional Transmutation’’,


M. Torabian, ‘’When Higgs Meets Starobinsky in the Early Universe’’,


I. Ben-Dayan, S. Jing, M. Torabian, A. Westphal and L. Zarate, ‘’R^2\log R quantum corrections and the inflationary observables'',

[arXiv:1404.7349]  JCAP 1409 (2014) 005

M. Torabian, ‘’On Cosmological Implications of Holographic Entropy Bound’’,


B. S. Acharya and M. Torabian, ‘’Supersymmetry Breaking, Moduli Stabilization and Hidden U(1) Breaking in M-Theory’’,

[arXiv:1101.0108]  Phys.Rev. D83 (2011) 126001

M. Torabian and H. U. Yee, ‘’Holographic nonlinear hydrodynamics from AdS/CFT with multiple/non-Abelian  symmetries’’,

[arXiv:0903.4894]  JHEP 0908 (2009) 020

M. Torabian and H. U. Yee, ’’The Shape of Mesons in Holographic QCD’’,

[arXiv:0811.1181]  Phys.Rev. D80 (2009) 087901

M. Torabian, “3 Dimensional Maximally Supersymmetric Field Theory Revisited: The Superfield Formulation”,


M. Torabian, ‘’3 Dimensional Maximally Supersymmetric Field Theory Revisited’’,


M. Torabian, ‘’Matrix Theory for the DLCQ of IIB String Theory on the AdS/Plane-wave backgrounds’’,

[hep-th/0701046]  Phys.Rev. D76 (2007) 026006

M. Ali-Akbari, M. M. Sheikh-Jabbari and M. Torabian, ‘’Tiny graviton matrix theory / SYM correspondence: Analysis of BPS states’’,

[hep-th/0606117]  Phys.Rev. D74 (2006) 066005

M. Ali-Akbari, M. M. Sheikh-Jabbari and M. Torabian, ‘’Extensions of $AdS_5\times S^5$ and the plane-wave superalgebras and their realization in the tiny graviton matrix theory’’,

[hep-th/0512037]  JHEP 0603 (2006) 065

M. M. Sheikh-Jabbari and M. Torabian, ‘’Classification of all 1/2 BPS solutions of the tiny graviton matrix theory’’,

[hep-th/0501001]  JHEP 0504 (2005) 01

My research in theoretical physics is focused on String Theory with main applications to particle physics phenomenology and early universe cosmology.

At the moment my students and I are studying the following subjects:

◆ String Swampland Program

◆ Topological gravity and Field theory of massive spin 2 particles

◆ Matter asymmetry in the early universe

◆ Supersymmetry phenomenology

◆ Machine Learning in Physics

Publication List