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In the week of May 9, Saturday and Monday classes won't be held. The make up class is Thursday same week at 9-12 PH 2.

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Dr. Ali Rezakhani

Weekly schedule: Sat. Mon.,13:30 - 15:00,Physics 2

Teaching Assistants

Mohammad Amin Ranjbar;Sunday, 12:00 - 13:30, Ph. 4  

Mohammadreza Sanamzadeh;Monday, 16:30 - 18:00, Ph. 4

Grading Policy

You have 2 exams (Midterm and Final)which contain 16/20 of your total garde.

The Homeworks grade (Assignment + Quizzes)is 4/20 of your total garde.


  • Homework will be assigned on a weekly basis.
  • The assignments will be distributed via the course web page. No late assignments will be accepted for any reason.
  • The homework is a very important part of the course. You may read your lecture notes and the text, and think that you understand the material. However, when you attempt to work the homework problems, you will frequently find that you actually did not understand the material as well as you thought you did. Also, the problems on the exams will be similar to the homework problems, thereby assisting in the exam preparation process.
  • While it is perfectly reasonable to discuss your approach to solving the problems with a friend, the final write-up of the solution must be your own work. However, you will benefit most from the homework if you attempt to do the problems before consulting your friends.
  • Pop quizzes will be prevalent during this semester, and they count in your final grade. It is thus advisable that you be prepared every session.

Rules for Preparing your Solutions

  • The grader will have to handle a lot of paperwork for the course, and wade through many pages of handwritten solutions. It will be to your benefit in terms of maximizing your grade, and will be greatly appreciated by us if you adhere to the following four rules when preparing your assignments:
  • Do not use too many papers to save trees!
  • Put the problems in the proper order.
  • Staple the pages together before turning in the assignment.


  1. Mathematical Physics   ,A Modern Introduction to Its Foundations,Sadri Hassani
  2. Methods of Theoretical Physics  ,Morse and Feshbach
  3. Mathematical Methods of Physics ; Jon Mathews
  4. Mathematical Methods for Physicists   ,George Brown Arfken And Hans J. Weber
  5. Green's function and Boundary value problems   ,Ivar Stakgold
  6. A Course of Modern Analysis   ,E. T. Whittaker, G. N. Watson
  7. Complex analysis and special topics in harmonic analysis   ,Berenstein C., Gay R.


  • Midterm Exam: TBA
  • Final Exam: