Ph.D. student

  • Amene Nasseri

    Project: Photocatalytic degradation reaction of dyes

    Email: amenenasseri(at)

  • Behnam Eshqi

    Project: Supercapacitors

    Email: behnameshqi(at)

  • Elham Khorashadizadeh

    Project: Photoelectrochemical water splitting

    Email: khorashadi.e(at)

  • Ghazale Asghary

    Project: Photocatalytic CO2 reduction to useful chemicals

    Email: ghazale_asghary(at)

  • Hamid Mehdipour

    Project: Designing photocatalysts by Density Functional Theory

    Email: hamid11062(at)

  • HamidReza Arab Bafrani

    Hamidreza Arab Bafrani

    Project: Memresistor device fabrication


  • Kasra Farain

    Project: Dynamic rotation of nanowires

    Email: kasra.frn(at)

  • Mahdieh Yousefi

    Project: Photoelectrochemical water splitting

    Email: mahdieh.yousefi(at)

  • Mostafa Gholami

    Project: Combined photoelectrochemical-photovoltaic system

    Email: gh.mostafa67(at)

  • Navid Sarikhani

    Project: Thermal/electrical conductivity of polymers

    Email: navidsarikhani(at)

  • Tayebeh Shaker

    Project: Hydrogen evolution reaction (HER)

    Email: tayebeh.shaker(at)

M.Sc. student

  • Bahram Zare

    Email: bahramzare90(at)

  • Mohammad Elmi

    Email: m_elmi(at)