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Quantum Information Science @ Sharif University of Technology



Our group at the Department of Physics of Sharif University of Technology (Tehran, Iran) focuses on basic research on quantum information science and quantum computation. Specifically, some of the topics our members are currently working on are:


- Congratulations to Dr. Laleh Memarzadeh for being appointed as one of the editorial board members of Physics Letters A.

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Department of Physics
Sharif University of Technology
Azadi Ave, Tehran 14588, Iran
P. O. Box: 11155-9161
Fax: +98 - 21 - 6602 2711
Email: qc @ physics.sharif.edu
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  • Quantum machine learning

  • Matrix-Product States

  • Quantum Phase Transitions

  • Measurement-based Quantum Computation

  • Adiabatic Quantum Computation

  • Topological Quantum Computation

  • Quantum Channels

  • Identification/Tomography of Quantum States and Dynamics

  • Control of Open Quantum Systems

  • Quantum Correlations

  • Quantum Metrology/Estimation

  • Thermodynamics of Open Quantum Systems


We encourage motivated and bright students to join our group. If you are interested, send an email to Prof. Vahid Karimipour at vahid@sharif.edu.

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