• Congratulations to Majid Hassani and Mina Doosti for having their
    posters (separately) at the IICQI-18 awarded as two of the four top
    (the award was supported by the European Physical Journal D,
    published by Springer)
  • Prof. Anton Zeilinger from University of Vienna, Austria, will visit our group at September 8.
  • Professor Klaus Moelmer, from Aarhus University, will visit our group May 9 - 12, 2015, and will give lectures on "Quantum measurements: from a philosophical dilemma to a technological resource" (abstract) and "Quantum computing" (abstract1, abstract2).
  • The fourth "International Iran Conference on Quantum Information" will be held on Sep. 6-10, 2014. For more information click on the poster below. 

  • Professor Anton Zeilinger, a world-leading physicist from the University of Vienna and Vienna University of Technology, and the President of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, will visit our group on May 4, 2014.

  • Prof. Fabio Benatti will visit us on Mar. 8-12, 2014. He will deliver a lecture series on "classical and quantum dynamical entropies".

  • Congratulations to Masoud Ghalaii, Faraj Bakhshinezhad, Mohammad Mehboudi, Narges Khalaji, and Parisa Zarkeshian for successfully defending their M.S. theses.
  • Two of our M.S. students, Majid  Hassani and Tahereh Abad, working with Vahid Karimipour and Laleh Memarzadeh, will graduate on 9/19/2013 and 9/23/2013, respectively.

  • Mohammad Hossein Zarei, a PhD student working with Vahid Karmipour, has graduated successfully (9/10/2013).


  • Prof. Saverio Pascazio visited us on Jun. 1, `13-Jun. 4, `13. He delivered a lecture series on "quantumness and multipartite entanglement". Everybody is welcome to attend.


  • Vahid Karimipour has been selected as one of the "Outstanding Referees of the Physical Review and Physical Review Letters journals" in 2012 [link]. (2/8/2013)


  • Sahar Alipour, a PhD student working with Vahid Karmipour, has graduated successfully (2/6/2013).



  • Maryam Safari, a master's student working with Ali Rezakhani, has graduated successfully (1/19/2013).


  • In the national `12th Festival of Appreciation of Selected Researchers and Technologists,' held by the Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology on Azar 26, 1390, the Center of Excellence in Complex Systems and Condensed Matter, with which we are affiliated, has been selected among the six top science and technology centers of excellence in the country. Congratulations!