Date Presenter Title of the presentation
Jul. 2, `13 Saleh Rahimi-Keshari Boson sampling
May 21, `13 Narges Khalaji An introduction to compressive sensing (abstract)
May 14, `13 Azam Mani Nonlocal quantum discord
May 7, `13 Mohsen Bagheri Quantum error correction: A review of surface codes
Apr. 30, `13 Hamed Saberi Tensor-network classification of multipartite entanglement (abstract)
Apr. 23, `13 Niloufar Nilforoushan  An introduction to topological insulators
Apr. 16, `13 Mohammad Hossein Zarei Connection between classical statistical mechanics and quantum information
Apr. 9, `13 Sima Baghbanzadeh Converting bound entanglement to free entanglement using weak measurements
Mar. 12, `13 Ali Rezakhani Quantum Zeno effect for quantum computation and control
Mar. 5, `13 Faraj Bakhshi Nejad Quantum states with low entropy rate
Feb. 26, `13 Mear M. Reza Koochakie Fermionic matrix-product states
Feb. 19, `13 Sima Baghbanzadeh Geometrical control of energy transfer
Feb. 12, `13 Zahra Raeisi Quantum networks
Feb. 5, `13 Vahid Karimipour Phase transition between topological and ferromagnetic order
Jan. 22, `13 Zahra Shadman Quantum discord
Jan. 22, `13 Farid Ghobadi Toward macroscopic quantum superposition in opto-mechanical and optical systems
Jan. 22, `13 Hamidreza Kaviani Quantum storage and retrieval of light by sweeping the atomic frequency
Winter break --- ---
Jan. 1, `13 Mahya Karbalaii Entanglement witnesses for a class of bipartite states of 2x2 qubits
Dec. 25, `12 Mohammad Mehboudi Quantum metrology: Dynamics vs. entanglement
Dec. 18, `12 Parisa Zarkeshian Quantum phase transition in the Kitaev-Ising model
Dec. 11, `12 Kasra Hejazi No-signaling and linearity of quantum mechanics
Dec. 4, `12 Sima Baghbanzadeh Quantum control with weak measureemnts
Nov. 27, `12 Sahar Alipour Review of V. Buzek's lecture 5
Nov. 20, `12 Masoud Ghalaii Review of V. Buzek's lecture 2
Nov. 13, `12 Tahereh Abad A measure for quantum correlation power
Nov. 6, `12 Jalil Khatibi Moqadam Realizing the Toffoli gate in circuit-QED
Oct. 30, `12 Najmeh Tabe Bordbar Review of V. Buzek's lecture 4
Oct. 23, `12 Najmeh Tabe Bordbar Review of V. Buzek's lecture 4
Oct. 16, `12 Razieh Mohseni Nia Review of V. Buzek's lecture 3
Oct. 9, `12 Masoud Ghalaii Review of V. Buzek's lecture 1
Oct. 2, `12 Majid Hassani Decoherence on a two-dimensional quantum walk using four- and two-state particle
Summer break --- ---
Jun. 5, `12 Mohammad Hossein Zarei

Completeness of the Ising model without quantum formalism

May 29, `12 Samad Khabbazi Quantum Turing machine
May 22, `12 Yashar Ranjbar

Quantum dynamics and energy transport in photosynthesis

May 15, `12 Matin Hallaji Coherence measurement and control of ultra-cold atoms in vibrational states of an optical lattice
May 8, `12 Razeye Mohseni Universal quantum computation by anyon models
May 1, `12 Vahid Karimipour Quantum correlation power for single-qubit  operations
Apr. 24, `12 Reza Gholami Quantum game theory
Apr. 17, `12 Ali Rezakhani Quantum process tomography with coherent states
Apr. 10, `12 Parisa Zarkeshian Phase transition between topologically-ordered antiferromagnetic phases
Apr. 3, `12 Mahdi Sarmadi Quantum communication with zero capacity quantum channels
Mar. 13, `12 Masoud Ghalaii Work value of information
Mar. 6, `12 Hadi Cheraghi Quantum discord in X-states
Feb. 28, `12 Maryam Safari

Entanglement between two static and flying qubits in quantum wires

Feb. 21, `12 Tahereh Abad Quantum correlations
Feb. 14, `12 Mostafa Khezri Quantum effects in biology: Introduction
Feb. 7, `12 Vahid Karimipour Quantum computation of Jones polynomials
Jan. 10, `12 --- Mini-workshop on quantum information
Jan. 3, `12 Peyman Ahmadi

Manybody effects in a widely tunable Bose-Fermi mixture (abstract)

Dec. 27, `11 Abolfazl Bayat

Quantum information tasks in manybody  systems and their realizations in cold atoms (abstract)

Dec. 20, `11 Faisal Shah Khan Playing games with quantum mechanics
Dec. 13, `11 Sahar Alipour Enhanced quantum metrology
Nov. 29, `11 Saleh Rahimi Keshari Non-classicality of light and optical processes
Nov. 22, `11 Azam Mani Mapping between classical stochastic channels and quantum operations
Nov. 8, `11 Vahid Karimipour Classical stochastic and quantum maps II
Nov. 1, `11 Sima Baghbanzadeh Weak-measurement based quantum control
Oct. 25, `11 --- Pizza session
Oct. 18, `11 Mohammad Hossein Zarei Continuous MBQC and calculation of partition functions
Oct. 11, `11 Mear M. Reza Koochakie Lieb-Robinson bound and adiabatic theorem II
Oct. 4, `11

Mear M. Reza Koochakie

Lieb-Robinson bound and adiabatic theorem I
Sep. 27.`11 Mahdi Sarmadi Rad Perfect state transfer in two- and three-dimensional structures
May 17, `11 Sahar Alipour Lieb-Robinson bound and adiabatic theorem
May 10, `11 Mohammad Hossein Zarei Mapping between classical spin systems and quantum information
May 3, `11 Salman Beigi
Simplified instantaneous non-local computation 
with applications to position-based cryptography
Apr. 26, `11 Razieh Mohseni Multipartite entanglement
Apr. 19, `11 Ali Rezakhani Superoperator dynamics and quantum decoherence suppression
Apr. 12, `11 Laleh Memarzadeh Bell inequality with three observables
Apr. 5, `11 Vahid Karimipour Classical stochastic and quantum maps I
Mar. 15, `11 Sima Baghbanzadeh Geometric quantum control
Feb. 22, `11 Mohammad Hossein Zarei Quantum phase transition between cluster and Neel states
Feb. 15, `11 Reza Haghshenas Fault-tolerant quantum computation
Feb. 8, `11 Mear M. Reza Koochakie Quantum search with prior probabilistic knowledge
Jan. 5, `11 Vahid Karimipour Dividing quantum channels II
Jan. 4, `11 Vahid Karimipour Dividing quantum channels I
Dec. 28, `10 Ali Rezakhani Accuracy vs run time in adiabatic quantum search
Dec. 21, `10 Ali Asgharpour Resonating valence bond states
Dec. 14, `10 Saleh Rahimi-Keshari Coherent state quantum process tomography
Dec. 7, `10 Laleh Memarzadeh Feedback quantum control theory