We have regular weekly seminars on various topics in quantum information science. These seminars are held on Tuesdays 3:00pm at room PH512, are open to all interested students.

Seminar archives

Date Presenter Title of the presentation
Sep 25, `18
Vahid Karimipour
Quantum Information and Gravitation
May 29, `18 Tahereh Abad
Critical slowing down of multiatom entanglement by Rydberg blockade
May 15, `18 Nilufar Vardian
Continuous MPS for quantum metrology
May 8, `18 Mohammadsadegh Khazali
Atomic giants under a new light: Quantum engineering with Rydberg atoms and photons (abstract)
May 1, `18
Vahid Rezvani
Dynamical control of open quantum system (abstract)
April 24, `18
Vahid Karimipour
Quantum communication and reference frames
April 17, `18
Majid Hassani
Continuity of the quantum Fisher information
April 10, `18 Roozbeh Bassirian
Computing on quantum shared secrets for general access structures
March 6, `18
Mehdi Yaghouti
An introduction to graph states
Feb 27, `18 Samad Khabaz Oskuei
Bounds for sequential projective measurements
Feb 13, `18 Fatemeh Bibak
Quantum simulation of quantum field theories
Jan 2, `17 Sareh Shahidani

Dec 19, `17 Farzad Qassemi Physical implementation of a quantum computer: circuit Quantum
Electrodynamics (cQED) (abstract)
Dec 12, `17 Nerses  Ananikian
 Thermal entanglement in low dimensional systems (abstract)
Dec 5, `17
Niloofar Vardian
Continuous MPS and QFT
Nov 28, `17 Faraj Bakhshinezhad Quantum thermodynamics
Nov 7, `17
Angelo Bassi
Collapse and Gravity
Oct 10, `17 Jalil Khatibi Moqadam
The staggered quantum walk (abstract)
Jan 24, `17 Angelo Bassi
Models of spontaneous wave function collapse: what they are and how they can be tested (abstract)
May 24, `16 Vahid Rezvani
Optimal control of closed quantum systems (abstract)
May 17, `16 Razieh Mohseninia
Thermal Stability of 2-Dimensional Topological Color Code (abstract)
May 10, `16 Fariba Hosseiny Nejad
Quantum states of light (abstract)
May 03, `16 Samad Khabaz Oskuei
Computability in quantum channel capacities (abstract)
April 26, `16 Majid Hassani
Quantum estimation (abstract)
April 19, `16 Zahra Raissi
On closed form expression of AME states with minimal support (abstract)
April 12, `16 Mina Doosti
Creation of Superposition of Unknown Quantum States (abstract)
April 5, `16 Vahid Esfandyarpour
Quantum Frequency Converters (QFC)
March 15, `16 Mohammad Hafezi
Topological robustness in photonic systems (abstract)
March 8, `16 Sahar Alipour
A Lindblad-like dynamical equation for general open-system dynamics: Role of correlations (abstract)
March 1, `16 Sahand Seifnashri
Static Quantum Circuits (abstract)
Feb. 23, `16 Mohsen Bagheri Mehrab
Multi-scale quantum simulation of quantum field theory using wavelets (abstract)
Jan. 12, `16 Elham Kashefi
Verification of quantum computing(abstract)
Jan. 11, `16 Abolfazl Bayat
The birth of quantum industries(abstract)
Dec. 22, `15 Mehdi Soleimanifar
Topological Quantum Computation with Parafermions (abstract)
Dec. 15, `15 Fatemeh Rezazadeh
Quantum steering ellipsoid (abstract)
Dec. 08, `15 Faraj Bakhshinezhad
Quantum ergodicity for a class of non-generic systems (abstract)
Dec. 01, `15 Tahere Abad
Scaling of macroscopicity close to a quantum phase transition (abstract)
Nov. 24, `15 Jahangir Nobakht
Quantum Brownian-motion in dissipative collapse models (abstract)
Nov. 17, `15 Razieh Mohseninia
The quantum (non-Abelian) Potts model and its exact solution (abstract)
Nov. 10, `15 Majid Hassani
Quantum Metrology (abstract)
Nov. 03, `15 Vahid Karimipour
Quantum secret sharing with single qubits (abstract)
Oct. 27, `15 Vahid Karimipour
Systematics of entanglement distribution with  separable states (abstract)
Oct. 20, `15
Azam Mani
Cohering and de-cohering power of quantum channels (abstract)
Oct. 13, `15
Saleh Rahimi-Keshari
Quantum information processing with linear-optical networks (abstract)
Oct. 6, `15
Ali Mostafazadeh
Time-Independent Scattering Theory as a Dynamical Phenomenon, Unidirectional Invisibility, and Local Inverse Scattering (abstract)
Sep. 29, `15
Sadegh Raeisi
Quantum phenomena in macroscopic world (abstract)
Sep. 22, `15 Sima Baghbanzadeh
Purpul-bacterial light harvesting benefits more from energy funneling than from delocalisation (abstract)
May 19,`15Abtin ShahidiGraphity model
May 12,`15Klaus Moelmer (16:00-16:45)Collective qubits and hybrid schemes for quantum computing (abstract)
May 12,`15Klaus Moelmer (15:00-15:45)
An introduction to quantum computing, general theoretical ideas and examples of implementation
May 5,`15Mehdi SoleimanifarRepeating gates in quantum information (abstract)
Apr. 28,`15Talk: Azam Mani
News: Majid Hassani
Cohering and decohering power of quantum channels
Apr. 21,`15Samad  Khabbaz OskueiQuantum Brudno theorem
Apr. 14,`15Talk: Maryam Afsary
News: Mojtaba Zahedi
Fluctuation theorem
Apr. 7,`15Talk: Fariba Hosseiyninejad
News: Milad Hozniyan
Quantum optical metrology: the lowdown on high-N00N states (abstract)
Mar. 3,`15Mahdi HosseiniQuantum storage and manipullation of optical information (abstract)
Feb. 24,`15Talk: Majid Hassani
News: Soroush Khademi
Area law in lattice systems (abstract)
Feb. 17,`15Talk: Mohsen Bagheri
News: Shakib Vedaie
Quantum algorithms for simulating quantum field theories (abstract)
Feb. 10,`15
Talk: Zahra Raissi
News: Faranak Bahrami
Maximally entangled set of multipartite quantum states (abstract)
Feb. 3, `15Faraj Bakhshinezhad
Quantum ergodicity under more relaxed conditions in quantum systems (abstract)
Dec. 30, `14Abolfazl Bayat
An order parameter of impurity systems at quantum criticality (abstract)
Dec. 23, `14---
Dec. 16, `14Talk: Mojtaba Zahedi
News: Najmeh Bordbar
Uncertainty principle  and thermodynamics (abstract)
Dec. 9, `14Talk: Fatemeh Ahmadi
News: Fatemeh Rezazadeh
Topological quantum computation (abstract)
Dec. 2, `14Nilanjana DattaLossy quantum data compression (abstract)
Nov. 25, `14Talk: Mehdi Soleimanifar
News: Tahereh Abad
Bypassing no-go theorems on transformations of unknown quantum operations (abstract)
Nov. 18, `14Talk: Masoud Ghalaii
News: Mohsen Bagheri
Scheme for coherent-state quantum process tomography by using moments (abstract)
Nov. 11, `14Talk: Milad Hozniyan
News: Azam Mani
Quantum simulation of complex topologies (abstract)
Oct. 28, `14Talk: Mear M. R. Koochakie
News: Masoud Ghalaii
Blind computation for measurement-based quantum computation models (abstract)
Oct. 21, `14Maryam AfsaryQuantum imaging
Oct. 14, `14Mear M. R. KoochakieUniversal blind quantum computation
Oct. 7, `14Soroush KhademiPreparation of entangled states in optical cavities
Sep. 30, `14Abbas Ahmad Al-ShimaryEnergy gaps of Hamiltonians from graph Laplacians
Sep. 2, `14Lorenzo MacconeQuantum metrology
Summer break------
Jun. 24, `14Toktam KashaniDevice-independent quantum cryptography
May. 13, `14Najmeh Tabe BordbarEntanglement distribution
May. 6, `14Maryam AfsaryA review of the quantum optical implementation of quantum information processing
Apr. 29, `14Fatemeh RezazadehQuantum collision model
Apr. 22, `14Reza HaghshenasPhase classification of one-dimentional Hamiltonians
Apr. 15, `14Mohsen Bagheri MehrabFault tolerant quantum error correction (slides)
Apr. 8, `14Razieh AnabestaniQuantum spin noise model
Apr. 8, `14Sadegh RaissiHigh polarization of nuclear spins with algorithmic cooling
Mar. 8-12, `14Fabio BenattiLecture series on "classical and quantum dynamical entropies (slides)
Mar. 4, `14Farid GhobadiOpto-mechanical micro-micro entanglement (abstract)
Feb.  25, `14Mear M. R. KoochakiePEPS MBQC
Feb. 18, `14Sahar AlipourQuantum metrology in open systems
Jan. 21, `14 Nasibollah Doostimotlagh Quantum correlation
Dec. 24, `13 Faraj Bakhshinezhad Entropy rates in open quantum systems
Dec. 17, `13 Fatemeh Tabesh Investigation of the quantum Zeno effect in the presence of a Kerr medium (slides)
Dec. 10, `13 Faezeh Kimiaei Quantum memories and error correction (slides)
Dec. 3, `13 Najmeh Tabe Bordbar Distribution of quantum correlated states (slides)
Nov. 26, `13 Zahra Raeisi

Quantum random networks (slides)

Nov. 19, `13 Razieh Mohseni Transition in Z_d Kitaev model (slides)
Nov. 5, `13 Masoud Ghalaii

Moment coherent-state quantum process tomography (slides)

Oct. 29, `13 Mohammad Mehboudi Quantum metrology in open systems (slides)
Oct. 22, `13 Azam Mani Generation of nonlocal discord (slides)
Oct. 15, `13 Samad Khabaz Oskuei Quantum algorithmic complexity (slides)
Oct. 8, `13 Shakib Vedaei Remote state preparation (slides)
Oct. 1, `13 Saeid Soyouf Jahromi Topological color codes (slides)
Sep. 24, `13 Sima Baghbanzadeh

Generation of free entanglement from bound entangled states by using weak measurement (slides)

Sep. 17, `13 Vahid Karimipour

Quantum correlations and its measures (slides)