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Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics I,II,III (1399-1400)

This is a three-semester course on Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics which is supposed to be covered in the following order:

Semester I-Fall of 1399: Thermodynamics,

Semester II-Winter of 1399 and Spring of 1400: Statistical Mechanics,

Semester III-Fall of 1400: Advanced Statistical Mechanics.

The textbook for semester I: Thermodynamics

I mainly follow the following textbook:

Thermodynamics and an Introduction to Thermostatics, by Herbert Callen

Contrary to most other texts which are inspired by engineering (engines, refrigrators, etc), this book constructs Thermodynamic  on a rigorous physical and mathematical axiomatic sytem.

Grading system:

In the beginning of the course, you are supposed to choose your team (2 or 3 students). Each team is supposed to collaborate with each other on each of the problems, type the solutions with Latex  and deliver them in pdf format. There is no midterm or final exam and your final grade is based on your homework sets and your activity in the class i.e. genuine contribution in discussions.

Online Class Schedule:

Time:10:30 AM-12:00 AM Sunday and Tuesday


The first session is on Sunday 30th of Shahriv

Teaching Assistants:

Erfan Abbasgholinejad (,
Reyhaneh Aghaei saem (,
Koorosh Allameh (,
Parsa Rangriz (

Teaching assistant classes:
Erfan and Reyhaneh: 6:00-8:00 P.M. Saturday
Parsa and Koorosh: 6:00-8:00 P.M. Wednesday
Both classes are hold in the virtual class:

Lecture Notes

The basic problem of Thermodynamics

The old Lecture Notes

You may also want to read the following lecture notes, but note that these lecture notes are in the process of evolving and are by no means complete.

What is temperature? The zeroth law of thermodynamics

Simple Thermodynamic Systems

Work, Heat and the First Law of Thermodynamics

The Second Law of Thermodynamics


Thermodynamic Potentials

Thermodynamic Relations

Pure Substances

Phase Transitions

Elements of Probability Theory

Microcanonical Ensemble

Canonical Ensemble

Maxwell-Boltzmann Distribution

Grand Canonical Ensemble

Photon Gas and radiation

Real Gases

Magnetic Systems, Order Disorder Transition

Ideal Quantum Gases

Stochastic Processes (part I,II, III, IV)

Reaction Diffusion Processes (part I and II and III)

Cluster Expansion(part I , II and III and IV)(Final Version)

Spontenous Emergence of Order(part I,II,III, and IV) Revised, Exercises Included

Spontenous Emergence of Order-Exact Solutions of Microscopic Models(Part I, II and III)

Neural Networks(Parts I, II, III, IV and V. two problems included.) Last updated 14th Tir.