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I was born in 1961 and grew up in a small town, Khorramabad, located near the Zagros Mountains in the west of Iran. My family came from Boroujerd, another small town, some 100 Km’s east of Khorrambad with almost different culture, dialect of speech, way of life, and character. At that time Khorramabad was a very beautiful and quiet city, with streets full of green trees, with a population around 30,000. Over the years after the revolution and the war, the floods of people living in the outskirts of the city have moved in and the new city has almost no resemblance to the one I knew from my childhood. It has now a population of almost half a million. The old generation of decent citizens  have now  emigrated to other cities and even to other countries.

I got my diploma from a high school in Tehran in 1979 and entered Shiraz University to study Electrical Engineering. A few months later revolution happened and a year later the universities were closed for political reasons and I had to quit Shiraz and go back home. I returned to Shiraz after four years to resume my education, only to miss many of our classmates and find that from the 22 faculty members of the EE department, 2 had remained in Iran and most of them had emigrated to the US, to escape the consequences of the so-called cultural revolution. I finally got my BS degree in Electrical engineering in 1987.

The same year, I came to Sharif to start my education in Physics, the field which I felt in love with, during my freshman year in Shiraz. After getting my MSc degree in Physics, I and a group of other enthusiastic students, decided to stay in Iran and continue our PhD studies in the newly initiated program of Sharif (1989). We were all happy to make a contribution to the establishment of this program by choosing to stay at home instead of going abroad. The program was itself the result of devotion of a few professors to a similar goal.

I am always grateful to my teachers and advisors, Profs. Ardalan, Arfaei, Golshani, Mansouri, Rouhani, and Samimi, who taught me a lot of subjects, notably advanced quantum mechanics, quantum field theory, group theory and Lie algebras, Particle physics, grand unified theories, etc. I remember many occasions when a sudden bomb blast of Iraqi missiles over Tehran, stopped the course of teaching, and then after a few minutes, the course continued smoothly as before. The enthusiastic atmosphere of those times were guiding us, professors and students alike, toward a valuable goal, the development of Sharif graduate School in Physics, which we now have. After the passage of so many hard years, I still think that generation of students made the right decisions.