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Advanced Statistical physics

Lecture notes:

Chapter 1 (review of Thermodynamics) Problems added 

Chapter 2  (Microcanonical Ensemble)Problems added

Chapgter 3 (Canonical Ensemble) (The section on Entropy has been revised.) Problems added

Chapter 4 (Grand Canonical Ensembles) Problems added

Chapter 5 (Quantum Statistical Mechanics: Identical Particles) problems added

Chapter 6 (Free Fermionic Systems)

Chapter 7 (Free Bosonic Systems)(Problems added 27 Azar )

Chapter 8 (Interacting systems and phase transitions)

Chapter 9 (The Ising model) (updated on 9th of AZAR)

Chapter 10 (Mean field solutions of Ising model)

Chapter 11 (Cluster Expansion)

Final Exam: Date and hour due: Monday 1st of Bahman 6:00 pm

Grading system

  • Grading system:
    • We have two exams, a midterm (50%) and a final (50%). All the questions in these two exams are taken from those in the lecture notes. So please sit and solve all these problems. This is the best way to get full mark.
    • Important Note:
    • 1) In grading the exams, I strongly look at the neatness and clarity of your arguments. A set of equations, without proper explanations and clear arguments is not considerd a solution even if it contains the correct answer. I look at your exam sheets as an essay. So please prepare yourelf for writing nice exam sheets.

      2) Your fina score depends also on your activity in the class, i.e. regular attendance, asking good questions, etc. Therefore two students with the same exam grades may get two different final scores.