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Physics of Disordered Systems

This course consists of five main topics,

1- An introduction to stochastic processes,

2- Diffusion-Reaction processes in one dimension,

3- Basic Properties of Polymers

4- Neural Networks

5- Spin Glasses.

There are no definite textbooks or lecture notes for this course, for each subject I will introduce appropriate references. The prerequisite for this course is an understanding of elementary statistical mechanics.

The time schedule of the course is here.

The lecture notes are available as follows: Note that these are preliminary notes and are by no means complete or polished. They are just a reminder of some topics.

Lecture 1: Elements of probability, Part I

Lecture 2: Elements of probability, Part II.

Lecture 3: Elements of Stochastic processes, Part I.

Lecture 4: Elements of Stochastic processes, Part 2. (Revised)

Lecture 5: Reaction Diffusion Systems, part 1

Lecture 6: Reaction Diffusion Systems, part 2

Lecture 7: Reaction Diffusion Systems, part 3

Lecture 8: Reaction Diffusion Systems, part 4

Lecture 9: Basic Properties of Polymers

Lecture 10: Neural networks, Part 1

Lecture 11: Neural networks, Part 2

Lecture 12: Neural networks, Part 3

Lecture 13: Neural networks, Part 4  

Lecture 14: Neural networks, Part 5  

Lecture 15: Neural networks, Part 6                

Homework set 1                

Homework set 2                

Homework set 3                

Homework set 4                

Homework set 5                

Take Home Exam: Read this book on neural networks and write a short essay on the chapters you are assigned to. Your essay should reflect your own understanding f the subject and not a more translations Each group is assigned a selection Y chapters as follows:

 Group 1: chapters 3-8-11.

 Group 2: chapters 4-7-11.

 Group 3: chapters: 5-8-10.

 Group 4: chapters 3-6

Group 5: chapters 5-6.

The deadline for submission of your essay is 14th of Bahman.

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