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Description of the course (old webpage)

    This is the second part of a two semester course on quantum computation (Fall semester of 1391) and quantum information (Spring semester of 1392) taught be me in Sharif University of Technology. It is open to all Phd and MS students from departments of physics, mathematics, computer science and electrical engineering. Only in rare cases undergraduate students can enroll in this course. At the end of the course, the student is supposed to be able to follow the the existing literature on the subject and perpare him or herslef for doing original research.


    Quantum Computation and Information I.

Sources for your study

    I will use various sources, books, review articles and lecture notes. Some of them are as follows:

  • Quantum Computation and Information; Nielsen and Chuang, Cambridge University Press,
  • Lectures on Quantum Computation; John Preskill,
  • Lectures on Quantum Information, edited by Dagmar Bruß and Gerd Leuchs, (John Wiely 2007) which is a collection of very good pedagogical articles on various topics.

Important Notes:

    After each lecture I upload a pdf file in Persian which contains the main topic covered in the class and a set of problems. There will be two midterms + one final exam. Your success in these exams essentially hinges on solving these problems. Note that the lecture notes are in the form of preliminary drafts and require a lot of expansions and polishing. Hence they are not a substitute for your own study from books which you may find appropriate.

Important Dates:

  • First Mid-Term Exam: To be announced,
  • Second Mid-Term Exam: To be announced,
  • Final Exam, To be announced.

Lecture Notes:

These lecture notes will be updated as we go along the course. For the old lecture notes see here.