Characterizing the non-linear evolution of dark energy models

Characterizing the non-linear evolution of dark energy models

Farbod Hassani

Institute of theoretical astrophysics of the University of Oslo


Abstract: Understanding the reason behind the observed accelerating expansion of the Universe is one of the most notable puzzles in modern cosmology, and conceivably in fundamental physics. In the upcoming years, near future surveys will probe structure formation with unprecedented precision and will put firm constraints on the cosmological parameters, including those that describe properties of dark energy. In light of this, during past years I mainly focused on precision cosmology by characterizing the non-linear evolution of cosmological components using N-body simulations. In this talk, first I will introduce gevolution and the idea of developing EFT-evolution N-body code, in which we consistently study the dark matter and dark energy structures up to non-linear scales. Then I will discuss the consequences of clustering dark energy on cosmological observables.

 یکشنبه 19 بهمن 1399، ساعت 19:00

Sunday 7 February 2021 – 19:00 Tehran Time

اتاق سمینار مجازی –Virtual Seminar Room

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