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Department of Physics Sharif University of Technology P. O. Box: 11155-9161 Tehran, Iran


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+98 21 66164524

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+98 912 2972504

My students


PhD Students:

  • Zahra Raissi (working on quantum networks)
  • Najmeh Tabe Bordbar (co-supervisor, Dr Laleh Memarzadeh)
  • Razieh Mohseninia (Working on Phase transitions in the Kitaev-Potts model)
  • Tahere Abad (Macroscopic Superposition)
  • Mohsen Bagheri Mehrab (Quantum Simulation of Field Theories) Jointly supervised by Barry Sanders.

MSc students:

  • Milad Hoznian (working on quantum simulation of non-trivial topologies)
  • Fariba Hosseiny nezhad (working on properties and preparation of N00N states)
  • Fatemeh Ahmadi (working on mathematical foundations of topological quantum computation)
  • Faranak Bahrami (working on thermal stability of topological order)

BSc students:


Former PhD Students

    Thesis: Entanglement and capacity of memory channels

    She is now a postdoc in university of Camerino in Italy.

  • Dr Abolfazl Bayat, graduated in 2007.

    Thesis: State transfer through quantum spin chains

    He is now a postdoc in Ulm university, Germany.

  • Dr. Marziyeh Asoudeh, graduated in 2006.
  • Thesis: Thermal entanglement in many body systems.

    She is a now in the department of physics in Shahid Beheshti University.

  • Dr. M. E. Fouladvand, graduated in 2000.
  • Thesis: Reaction diffusion models in one dimensional lattices

    He is currently assistant professor of physics in Zanjan University , Zanjan, Iran.

  • Dr. Farhad Jafarpour Hamedani, Graduated in 2001.
  • Thesis: One dimensional stochastic systems.

    He worked as a Postdoc in Max Plank Institute, Dresden, Germany from 2001 till 2003. He is now associate professor of physics in Bu Ali Sina University in Hamedan.

  • Dr. Nayereh Majd, graduated in 2005.
  • Thesis: Exact solutions for universal holonomic quantum gates.

  • Dr. Abdollah Langari, graduated in 1998.
  • Thesis: Quantum Renormalization Group on one dimensional lattices.

    He worked as a Postdoc in Max Plank Institute, Dresden, Germany from 1998 till 2000. Afterward he was appointed assistant professor of physics in the institute of advanced studies in basic sciences (IASBS) in Zanjan and finally moved to Sharif University of Technology in the fall of 2005, where he is now professor of physics.

  • Dr. Abolfazl Ramezanpour, graduated in 2004.
  • Thesis: Small World Netwoks.

    He is now a postdoc in univesity of Turin, Italy.

  • Dr. Ali Tayefeh Rezakhani , graduated in 2005
  • Thesis: Quantum Cloning .

    After graduation he had a postdoc with Paolo Zanardi in Italy and then with Barry Sanders in university of Calgary and one with Daniel Lidar in university of southern California. He is now assistant professor of physics in Sharif university of Technology.

  • Dr. Sahar Alipour, graduated in 2013
    • Thesis: Quantum metrology .

  • Dr. Mohammad Hossein Zarei , graduated in 2013,
    Thesis title: Completeness of statistical models by using techniques from quantum information,
    He is now assistant professor of physics in Shiraz University.