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Department of Physics Sharif University of Technology P. O. Box: 11155-9161 Tehran, Iran


vahid AT

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+98 21 66164524

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+98 912 2972504

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Research History

For my PhD project I worked on Quantum Groups, a topic which I liked very much for its pure and beautiful mathematics, and its many interconnections to various fields of theoretical physics of the time (the 90’s). When I left quantum groups for no reason, I had a sense of nostalgia for many years, and actually I never had that kind of internal satisfaction with any other field. After graduation I continued to work in this area for a number of years with sporadic interests in other fields of mathematical physics, mainly integrable models, and non-equilibrium many body systems in one dimensions. I also worked a little bit with one of my PhD students, on small world networks but quickly left it, since it was far from my interests. It is now a few years that I have settled down in quantum computation and quantum information.

Research Interests

I am interested in various aspects in quantum information theory and its relation with other fields of physics, especially statistical physics, exactly solved models, mathematical physics and field theory. Notably I am interested in Reference frames, quantum state transfer and quantum state generation, topological quantum computation, macroscopic superposition, etc.

Current Projects

  • Quantum Communication in the abcense of common reference frames,
  • Multi-partite entanglement,
  • Quasi-inversion of quantum channels,
  • Alberi-Uhlmann conditions in quantum channels,