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Special topics in field theory(Fall semester 1396)

Description of the course

    This is a one-semester course on fundamentals of quantum field theory as mainly used in areas other than high energy physics, like condensed matter physics, statistical mechanics, quantum information and the like. Of course it also touches the basic formalism of relativisitic quantum field theory. It is suitable for students who need only an elementary introduction to the subject. It is open to all graduate and undergraduate of physics and mathematics. At the end of the course, the student is supposed to know only the basic concepts and techniques of quantum field theory as used in various areas of theoretical physics. Students who want to study high energy physics are advised to take the 3- semester Quantum Field Theory course.


    Knowledge of quantum mechanics, and statistical physics is essential. The students are required to stuy a great deal on their own.

Textbook and weekly schedule

  Text: Concepts in Theoretical Physics, by Ben Simons. This is a series of lectures given by Ben Simons in Cambridge University.
  Weekly schedule: Saturday and Monday, 4:30-6:30 pm, Room 412.


 Collective excitations, particles and fields, 
 Free scalar field theory, phonons,
 Second Quantization and its application in condensed matter physics
 Interacting electron gas, Heisenberg Ferro and anti-ferromagnet, Hubbard Model, Spin waves, Dilute Bose gas,
 Bogoluibov   Theory, Electron phonon interaction,
 Path Integral Methods in quantum mechanics and statistical physics,
 Double well potential, Tunneling and instantons, unstable vacuum and bounces, false vacuum, Path integrals for spins,
 topological terms in field theory,
 Functional Field Theory,
 Many body Path integrals, coherent states for bosons and fermions, Field integral for quantum partition function, Weakly
 interacting electron gas,
 Relativistic Quantum Mechanics
 Klein-Gordon and Dirac Equation, symmatry and covariance, Angular momentum and spin, Charged scalar field, Dirac field,
 Introduction to quantum electrodynamics, Introduction to gauge theory, Introduction to the standard model of particle physics (Glashow-Salam-Weinberg theory).

    2-Classical Mechanics of Fields

    2-a: Symmetry

    3-Motivations for Quantum Field Theory

    4-Second Quantization, Non-Relativistic Quantum Fields

    5-Quantization of classical fields, Collective excitations
    6-Lorentz Group and its representations
    7-Klein-Gordon Field

    8-Dirac Field
    9-Path integrals in quantum and statistical fields (part I)

    10-Path integrals in quantum and statistical fields (part II)

    11-Applications of second quantization in condensed matter physics (part I)
    12-Applications of second quantization in condensed matter physics (part II)
    13-Gauge field theory and the standard model


    The problems are included in the lecture notes. You are supposed to solve all of them in order to succeed in the exams.