Circularly polarized EM radiation from GW binary sources

 Circularly polarized EM radiation from GW binary sources

علیرضا اله یاری (پژوهشکده نجوم پژوهشگاه دانش های بنیادی – IPM )


Abstract: We consider the polarization characteristics of the electromagnetic (EM) counterpart of the gravitational wave (GW) created by coalescence of the binary sources. Here, we explore the impact of the photon-graviton interaction on the polarization evolution of X-ray emission of Gamma-Ray Bursts (GRBs). We show that significant circular polarization can be generated due to the gravitational wave from the binary merger. The circular polarization besides photon energy depends on parameters of GW source such as the chirp mass of the binary,  frequency of the GWs and radial distance from the source. Our predicted signal can be used as an indirect probe for GW events and also the nature of photon-graviton interaction. We argue that this polarization signal might be in sensitivity range of upcoming X-ray polarimetry missions.

یکشنبه ۱۱ آذر ۱۳۹۷، ساعت ۱۵:۰۰

دانشکده فیزیک، طبقه اول کلاس فیزیک ۳

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