A table-top experiment for testing quantum gravity

Alireza Maleki

Department of Physics, Sharif University of Technology

A table-top experiment for testing quantum gravity

Abstract: Quantization of gravity remains one of the most important, yet extremely elusive, challenges at the heart of modern physics. Any attempt to resolve this long-standing problem seems to be doomed, as the route to any direct empirical evidence (i.e., detecting gravitons) for shedding light on the quantum aspect of  gravity is far beyond the current capabilities. In this talk, we show how quantum-informatics techniques can be employed to test the quantumness of gravity. More specifically, we show that the basic foundations of quantum mechanics including the uncertainty relation, Bell inequality, and duality can be tested in the table-top experiments.  In particular, we address the deep relation between entanglement and duality in the quantum gravity framework.

یکشنبه 5 تیر 1401، ساعت 19:00

Sunday 26 June 2022 – 19:00 Tehran Time

اتاق سمینار مجازی –Virtual Seminar Room


گزینه ورود به صورت مهمان – Enter as a Gues

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