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Vahid Karimipour

Sharif University of Technology


Teaching, is one of my favorite scientific activities, in fact the most important one. Since 1993, I have been teaching various courses in the Department of Physics in Sharif. At present these notes are intended only for the students in the class, since they are far from complete but I wish that over the years, they will evolve to good references for their corresponding subject. .


I am interested in various aspects of quantum information theory, with an emphasis on properties of quantum channels, entanglement and resource theory. In this page you will find short description of my recent works.

My Students

A list of my students in the past and present and their current positions.

Outside Physics

The contents of this page, have nothing to do with Physics. Here you find parts of the books, mainly novels, histories and biographies that I have read. You may become interested in them too! All the texts are in Persian.


The Pdf files of my recent talks on various aspects of quantum information are available here.