Weekly Schedule:  Saturday 13:30-17:30,  Link of class:

Details on instructions and useful video:


(12/20) Reports + (3/20) Quizzes and Questions in the Class + (5/20) Final exam.

  • Details about the final exam will be announced later.
  • Our TAs: Miss Yasamin Masoumi (Email:, Miss Maedeh Pajouhande (Email:
  • About our sessions:  Each session will be started by an introduction to a certain experiment, an explanation about the provided video, following by some random questions from the submitted reports during the previous week.
  • All reports must be submitted via course email:
    before the next session. After 24 and 48 hours delay,  the score will be reduced to 80 and 50%, respectively. NO MORE DELAY WILL BE ACCEPTED.
  • All reports and homework should be submitted before 9 pm on the day before class.

Some videos to clarify experimental setups have been released in TELEGRAM CHANNEL of physics4-lab ( Please join!

All reports- Results

Details of reports-1

Details of reports-2