Health and Energy Lab

To investigate how fabricated devices  can be beneficial for energy and health related issues, “Health & Energy Lab.” was established at Department of Physics, Sharif University of Technology in 2018. Various research lines attributed to energy and health related areas are perused in parallel while some of them show overlap in some aspects like biocompatible supercapacitors or photoelectrochemial biosensors. However, there are two separate study approaches for each area. First, to evaluate the performance of energy-related systems, designed precise photo/electrochemical measurements applying two, three or four electrodes are preferred either by illuminating the sample with solar like spectra or in the dark condition. Second, for medical issues, variety of in vitro methods like MIC, MBC and viability loss measurements are preferred to study toxicity of the specific nanomaterials against a targeted bio-organism. Some in vivo tests are also feasible in available animal labs. Here, you can find more details about technical information on each facility as well as internal procedures and protocols.