Clean Energy Lab

To meet the needs of clean energy resources, develop related devices and understand the physics behind them, “Clean Energy Lab.” has been established at Department of Physics, Sharif University of Technology in 2014. In this laboratory, researchers mainly focus on synthesis and structural characterization of variety of nanostructure materials which could be applied in clean energy production and storage systems like PEC water splitters, supercapacitors, water oxidation reactions and hydrogen evolution recations, electrocatalysts, etc.  The produced nanomaterials can be also used to solve health and medical issues that commonly effect on our life such as resistant bacteria, bioanalytes, drug delivery, etc. Regarding the importance of cost and feasibility of production in commercial scale, the synthesis approaches are usually based on easy and economic methods like variety of chemical baths, solvo/hydrothermal methods, electrochemical techniques and anodization methods. Here, you can find more details about technical information on each facility as well as internal procedures and protocols.