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2nd International School on:
Fine-Scale Processes: Facing the 4th Industrial Revolution Technologies
3-4 Augest 2022 (13-14 Mordad 1401)
The school is online and the language is English.
Attendance is free but online registration is required.

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Two-dimensional materials in semiconductor photoelectrocatalytic systems for water splitting

Various classes of 2D materials including graphene, TMDs, g-C3N4 and emerging candidates and their main roles in the photoelectrocatalytic production of H2, are discussed in detail herein.

In-situ electrochemically passivated photoanodes show higher photoelectrochemical performance and outstanding stability for about 100 hours

This work presents an industrially scalable method to controllably engineer the interfaces of semiconductors–electrolytes with precious metal-free defective hematite-based co-catalysts for sustainable photoelectrochemical solar-to-fuel conversion applications.

MXene-based nano-bio device for capturing, sensing, and filtering the Escherichia coli (E. coli) bacteria

This device not only presents a nano-platform for E. coli sensing in a wide dynamic range of 101–108 CFU/mL and a low detection limit of c.a. 10 CFU/mL, but also provides a nano filter to remove E.coli from water. Therefore, this work suggests carbohydrate functionalized MXenes as promising candidates for water sanitation and environmental protection.

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