Open PhD and Master Projects

Qualified PhD and master students are welcome to do their research in these open topics. Even senior bachelor students who are interested in lab work can also participate in some experimental aspects. For any required information, please contact



TITLE: Two-Dimensional (2D) Metal Oxides for Energy Storage & Conversion Applications

The ever-increasing demand for clean and sustainable energy in our modern society has necessitated the search for functional nanomaterials with superior performance. In this regard, Two-dimensional (2D) transition metal oxides have attracted a great deal of attention due to their outstanding physico/chemical properties. Inspired by the pioneering works in this novel field, we would like to investigate the performance of these 2D nanostructures in energy-related applications.

Selected References:

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TITLE: 3D Printing of Functional Nanostructures Based on Additive-Free Inks

The ability to formulate functional inks of nanomaterials with desired rheological features is considered as a crucial step toward the realization of various Nano-based technologies. Unfortunately, in developing the functional inks, additives and binders are used to manipulate the rheological properties which consequently hinders the full utilization of active nanomaterials. As a result, currently, the search for additive-free inks is relentlessly pursuing.  In this regard, we would like to design and develop novel inks for the on-demand applications.

Selected References:

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Possibilities for International Collaborations

Thanks to International Affairs Office at Sharif University of Technology, there are many opportunities for B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D. students to participate in joint degree and exchange programs. A variety of universities/centers  mainly from Europe and Asia have been offered. You may find more details about conditions and deadlines here.

Comming Soon…

The First International School on Fine-scale Processes in Health and Energy Applications

Today, the demand for energy production and storage devices as well as affordable, efficient, and low-cost healthcare and environmental monitoring systems is increasing in worldwide. Therefore, there is an urgent need for new technologies to overcome these energy and health-related issues. In this context, nanoscience and nanotechnology open new gates and as a result, understanding reactions and processes at the atomic scale are essential to optimize the performance of the final devices based on nanostructures.

We are pleased to announce the 1st Online International School on “Fine-scale Processes in Health and Energy Applications” is going to be held on 19-21 June 2021 (29-31 Khordad 1400) at Sharif University of Technology. Participating in this program is free of charge, but registration is required. For those participants who need certification, a notification will be sent after the program. All sections are virtual and available via online platforms.

For more details and access to the recorded sessions, please see here.

8th International conference on Nanostructures

The Institute for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (INST) of Sharif University of Technology founded the biennial conferences on Nanostructures with the special support of Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council (INIC) in 2006 after a timely perception of the need of scientific and technological society to interact, exchange and discuss the newfangled fields of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology which had been experiencing fast progress. Look here.

NanoGe Fall Meeting in Berlin, 2019

Reduce your carbon footprint, come by train!!

nanoGe Fall Meeting would like to encourage travel sustainability among their attendees and would like to contribute to reduce the carbon footprint impact in the planet.  As you know, there are several ways to combat climate change by reducing your carbon footprint: you can recycle, use less electricity and use public transportation. We would like to make our small contribution to fight global warming and reward those using the train (instead of plane) to attend the Conference. For more information visit here.

ICTP School on Devices for Energy Production

School on Design, Fabrication and Application of Devices for Energy Production will be held in ICTP, Triste, Italy from 13 to 16 of May, 2019. The school focus on sun light conversion to energy and chemical fuels and on the ethical and sustainable use of natural resources. It will be a forum for discussion on new science and technology integration to ensure a sustainable future for people and planet. More information about scopes and deadlines can be found here.

25th Annual IASBS Meeting on Condensed Matter Physics

25th annual meeting on condensed matter physics will take place in Institute of Advanced Studies in Basic Science, Zanjan, Iran, 23-24 of Khordad 1398. The aim of this meeting is to bring together experimental and theoretical scientists in the field of condensed matter physics to present their recent results and to make an atmosphere for discussion. Moreover it is a good opportunity for young researchers and students to gain experience by joining this community. More information is accessible here.

Master Defense Session

  • Congratulation to Mr Milad Fathabadi due to the pass the defense session for master degree which was held online on 17th of February 2021 (29 of Bahman 1399). 
  • Miss Fatemeh Afkhami‘s defense session for the MSc degree was held on the 19th of February 2020 (30 of Bahman 1398) in Partovi Saloon, physics department. Congratulation to her and hope she will succeed in her whole life.
  • Mrs Fahimeh Najafi‘s defense session for master degree was held on 8th of January 2019 (18 of Day) in Dr. Jenab Saloon, physics department. Congratulation to her and hope she will succeed in her whole life.
  • Congratulation to Miss Shima Farhoosh due to pass defense session for master degree which was held on 27th of July 2019 (5 of Mordad) in Dr. Jenab Saloon, physics department.  
  • Our international master student, Miss Kinza Huma had a defense session on 28th of July 2019 (6 of Mordad) in Dr. Jenab Saloon, physics department.  Congratulation to her!

Doctoral Defense Session

  • Mrs Elham Khorashadizadeh‘s defense session for Ph.D. degree was held online on 27th of July 2021 (5 of Mordad). Her research was focused on PEC performance of TiO2 photoanodes with nanotubular and nanoflake morphology modified with oxygen vacancy. Congratulations to Dr Khorashadizadeh for such a successful session.
  • Mr. Reza Salimi‘s defense session for Ph.D. degree was held on Sunday (30 of day), at 4 pm in the department of polymer and color engineering, Amirkabir University of Technology. His research area is related to nanophotocatalysts for solar hydrogen production. Congratulation to Dr. Salimi!