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Quantum Mechanics

  • Prerequisites:
  • Modern physics is an essential prerequisite of this course. I assume that you are familiar with the historical development of quantum mechanics, the early experiments and their interpretation and the elementary ideas of wave particle duality. If you want to learn these materials consult any textbook on modern physics. You can also consult the final chapters of Halliday-Reznik or the early chapters of volume three of The Feynman Lectures on Physics by R. P. Feynman.

  • A list of helpful references may be:
    • Introductory quantum mechanics, R. Liboff
    • Quantum Physics, S. Gasiorowics
    • Quantum mechanics, Cohen and Tanuji (in 2 volumes) Strongly Recommended
    • Principles of quantum mechanics, R. Shankar

Lecture Notes


Grading system

  • There will be 6 short exams at the following dates:

There will also be a final exam which covers all the course material. The short exams each last 30 minutes and the final exam 2 hours. Each short exam has a grade of 2 and the final exam has a grade of 8.

    • Important Note:
    • In grading the homework, I have also a look at your activity in the class. Therefore two members of the same group may be given two different grades for their homework.