Weekly Schedule:  Sunday and Tuesday 16:30-18    vclass:


1- Solid-state electronic devices, Ben G. Streetman & S.K. Banerjee. Sixth edition.

2- Semiconductor devices: physics and technology, S.M. Sze & M.K. Lee, 3rd edition.

3- Some review papers 


 (6 (+1)/20) projects + (6/20) midterm exam + (8/20) final exam.       Our midterm exam will be on the 27th of Ordibehesht.


Topics for projects

1- Applications of perovskite materials               2- Role of vacancies in carrier densities of SCs         3- Water purification by semiconductor materials

4- Flat-band potential at SC-electrolyte interface                                 5- Electro-catalytic water splitting              6- Z-schemes in SC-SC junctions

7- Importance and applications of micron-size energy storage devices               8- Integration of micro-supercapacitors

9- Transparent supercapacitors                                                                                    10- Up-conversion and down-conversion in SC nanoparticles

11- Machine-learning approaches in the application of semiconductor nanomaterials


Some slides

Application of semiconductors in energy and health systems