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Two-dimensional materials in semiconductor photoelectrocatalytic systems for water splitting

Various classes of 2D materials including graphene, TMDs, g-C3N4 and emerging candidates and their main roles in the photoelectrocatalytic production of H2, are discussed in detail herein.

 The inhibition efficacy of Graphene oxide flakes changes for different types and strains of bacteria.

In this work, we examine Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Staphylococcus aureus, two common hospital-acquired infections, which react quite differently to graphene oxide flakes. The electron microscopy images show a complete coverage and wrapping of S. aureus. For P. aeruginosa, barely any bacteria are spotted with any flakes on top except for some loosely half-covered cases. 

Inkjet-printing (IJP) technology is recognized as a significant breakthrough in manufacturing high-performance electrochemical energy storage systems.

A general introduction to the fundamental principles of IJP technology and the latest achievements in the IJP of capacitive energy storage devices are systematically summarized.

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