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Two-dimensional materials in semiconductor photoelectrocatalytic systems for water splitting

Various classes of 2D materials including graphene, TMDs, g-C3N4 and emerging candidates and their main roles in the photoelectrocatalytic production of H2, are discussed in detail herein.

Simply tuned and sustainable cobalt oxide decorated titania nanotubes for photoelectrochemical water splitting

TNA photoanode decorated with CoOx is proposed for efficient solar water splitting and as a scalable and economic method, electrodeposition parameters are well controlled.

Multi-porous Co3O4 nanoflakes @ sponge-like few-layer partially reduced graphene oxide hybrids: towards highly stable asymmetric supercapacitors

Cobalt oxide (Co3O4) nanoflakes were grown into spherically porous sponge-like few-layer partially reduced graphene oxide (SrGO) using a sequential-electrodeposition process. Maximum specific/volumetric capacitances and sensible rate capability  are obtained for the Co3O4 nanoflakes@SrGO hybrid electrodes.

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