Weekly Schedule:  Saturday & Monday, 15-16:30  Partovi Saloon. (Time may be changed)


1- Modern physics, Kenneth Krane. 3rd edition.

2- Modern physics, Serway,  Moses & Moyer, 3rd edition.

3- Modern physics for scientists and engineers, S.T. Thornton & A. Rex, 4th edition.


(4/20) Exercises + (7/20) Midterm exam + (9/20) final exam.


  • Our midterm exam will be on Thursday, 7 of Azar (Alef (Ebne Sina) 15 and 16).
  • Our TAs: Mr Amir Shariat (Email:, TA class on Mondays 16:30-18, Alef 24 ), Mr Ali Salbalian (Email:,  TA class on Tuesdays 13:30-15, Room Physics 2).
  • About your exercises:  Homework will be assigned every two weeks. The deadline for each assignment is exactly one week after its upload. The assignments will be distributed via the course web page and you can submit it to your TA in the class. Your grade will be 2.5/4 (homework) and 1.5/4 (quizzes, in our class). In case of any problem please send an E-mail to your TA.


        Homework -1

        Homework -2






        Final Results

Please check the scores carefully and if there was any problem with questions/homework, just send me/TA an email.

To control your papers you can come to my office, on next Sunday (13 Bahman, 9 to 10 am)

All materials can be found in the mentioned books. However, slides on some topics are here:

1- Photoelectric effect – Black body radiation

2- X-ray production and scattering

3- Matter waves- Uncertainty

4- Schrodinger equation

5- Hydrogen atom

6-Atomic models

7- Molecular structure

8- Quantum statistics